Works of Sri Ayyaval

Sri Ayyaavaal composed several works proclaiming the grandeur of the lordsí names.  Except for Bhagawan Naama Bhushanam, 15 of them are available as on date.  click on any of the following and you can get the full text of the works in sanskrit. 

Download Slokas in Sanskrit
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Download Slokas in Tamil
Available in Pdf format

Dayaashatakam DayaaShatakam
MathruBhootaShatakam MathruBhootaShatakam
Stuthipadhati StuthiPadhathi
Shivabhakthikalpalathika Shivabhakthikalpalathika
Shivabhakthilakshanam ShivaBhakthiLakshnam
ThaaravaliStotram Taravalistotram
Aarthiharastothram AarthiharaStotram
Kuleerashtakam Kuleerashtakam
Jambunathashtakam Jambunathashtakam
Doshapariharashtakam Doshapariharashtakam
krishnadwadashamanjari krishnadwadashamanjari
Achyutashtakam Achyutashtakam
Dolanavaratnamaalika Dolanavaratnamaalika
Gangashtakam Gangashtakam